Founder and President Shawn Ferfort

Shawn Ferfort is an expert in delivering residential and commercial renovations with quality construction which meets all product and city code requirements. The former firefighter/ paramedic takes on every project with safety and the overall needs of each client in mind. Shawn feels that good enough, really isn’t good at all and that quality work really comes down to the attention to detail. This philosophy is what drives us to go above and beyond on each project.

His extensive knowledge in home restoration and industry standards, differentiates him from other contractors. From start to finish, each project is handled with procedures which have been perfected to streamline the process and provide the most value for every client.

While Shawn established this organization as a premiere company within the storm/insurance restoration industry, he made the decision a few years ago to open and develop our remodeling division. He was able to confidently make this decision as he has since brought on highly experienced and knowledgeable individuals to run this division. (idk just my starting ideas)

A Home Renovation Company You Can Rely On

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What seems like a small construction project may entail a broad variety of skills and expertise. The ability to manage any kind of restoration, renovation, or remodel project is one of EPIK Construction Services best attributes. Our project management and industry expertise allows us to keep the individual milestones on track and overall project cohesive. Our clients gain peace of mind working with your dedicated team who has all the resources and organizational skills to successfully complete your project from beginning to end.


No two construction projects are alike. Clear specifications and availability of materials are important design factor to consider prior to ironing out an appropriate budget and an accurate schedule. A clearly defined design plan is crucial to the success of any construction project. This process helps ensure that your designs are translated efficiently into an amazing final product by acting as an element which anticipates problems on the building site and creating a more seamless construction process.


We know there’s a learning process when it comes to each project, whether you have experience with construction or it’s your first venture. For this reason, we pride ourselves on being transparent and flexible for you and all your ideas throughout the design, budgeting, and construction process. Communication is key to ensuring that we provide our clients with the best product for their vision. We stand by our word as well as our workmanship. We work tirelessly to not only meet but also exceed your expectations.


When we complete your project, the final product is more than what meets the eye. Small details can make a big difference. Our quality of work and attention to detail over the years has allowed us build an elite labor force of highly experienced crews and subcontractors who have the skills to flawlessly execute  their particular area of the construction project. Our in-house team works side by side with our crews to ensure that the construction is completed safely, to product specification,  to your city code requirements, and most importantly, your satisfaction.

Meet Your Team



Brittany Ferfort

Brittany is our Co-Owner and Team leader for our interior and exterior remodel division. She leverages her passion for design to help our clients update and add on to their homes in stunning ways. This all starts with meeting the clients on site and then creating multiple renderings through a collaborative effort with our clients to ensure a picture perfect project. 

Karen Hurley

Karen Hurley

Karen is our one of a kind Office Manager that touches each and every file to make sure everything is staying on track and running smoothly. Karen has a vast knowledge of construction with a lot of experience in customer service and office management.

Ryan F

Ryan Frachiseur

Ryan is the man that knows it all when it comes to residential and commercial roofing systems. After spending almost a decade working in the insurance industry, he has chosen to take his knowledge and experience and apply it where he feels is most beneficial, with you the property owner. 


Kendale Walker

Kendale is the person we count on to oversee all of our projects. He is the man behind the scenes orchestrating and managing all of our projects. He is able to elegantly execute this by leveraging is vast knowledge and experience with his history in the commercial property management industry.